About Us

Company Introduction

Established in 1991, Wingar Industrial Inc. continues to offer cutlery, silverware, flatware, etc. to retailers from all over the world. Because of our excellent quality and service, we have gained numerous stable customers and retained high customer loyalty in this business. We have established business relations with top retailers such as K-mart, Walmart, and Costco which gave us a strong foothold in the industry.

Today Wingar is one of the leading manufacturers of stainless steel flatware. Our manufacturer in Southeast China is located in Xiamen city at a 180,000 m2 modern plant. We have over 500 skillful employees, including more than 50 engineers and technicians. Our manufacturing operation boasts more than 500 sets of CNC machines, punching, grinding, plastic injection machines and other specialized facilities with an average output of 3 million products per month. To ensure our products’ quality, we import raw materials and equipment from Germany, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan for our production. Our product range includes both forged & stamped stainless steel products, plastic handles as well as other kitchen utensils. With designers from the United States and Europe, Wingar is constantly developing new products to lead the market at home and abroad. OEM and private label orders are welcome.

Company History


Wingar is a multinational corporation that engages in importing and exporting, managing licenses in foreign markets, and has manufacturing facilities around the world. Our global brand specializes in the design, development, production, and sales of medium and high-end flatware and kitchen knives. Wingar began in Los Angeles, California after adopting rigorous techniques of German manufacturing. In subsequent years, Wingar has maintained excellent quality, strict production processes, and followed European and American design trends for our products. This quickly established our brand among the top kitchen retail suppliers for Europe, Asia, and North & South America.